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Mortgage Lending

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Mortgage Solutions.
Quality Service.

Mercury Mortgages Inc. is a Mortgage Broker and Administrator with significant experience in real estate, mortgage lending, portfolio management and administration. We have successfully managed portfolio of high yield mortgage loans of stable returns and minimal losses. Since 2002, it has been our goal to continuously provide a simple, seamless and satisfying experience in every interaction.

Commercial Lending

From retail plazas, commercial condos, hotels, motels, banquet halls, auto garages, storefront/apartments, industrial properties, zoned/serviced land, and construction, we provide lending solutions so you can achieve your goals. With your passion and purpose propelling us, we draw on our industry and market expertise, and offer quick, confident decision making. Mercury Mortgages offers deals that range from:

  • Purchases and refinances

  • Equity takeouts

  • Bridge loans

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Residential Lending

Make home ownership a dream come true. Whether you are looking to buy a single-family home or condo, Mercury Mortgages offers deals that range from:

  • Purchases and refinances

  • Debt consolidation or pay off consumer proposals

  • Construction financing

  • Bridge loans

  • Stop power of sale

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Mercury Mortgages has been appointed as the Manager of Mercury Mortgage Investment Corporation.

Mercury Mortgages Investment Corporation is an investment vehicle where investors can own preferred shares in the MIC by pooling their registered and non-registered funds to invest in a diversified high-yield mortgage portfolio.

The MIC invests in a diversified and secured pool of residential and commercial mortgages that generate a high-yield. The interest income from these high-yield mortgages are then distributed to shareholders on a monthly basis as dividends (less a management fee).


The Benefits Include:

Tax Free flow through investment vehicle which distributes 100% of its net income to its shareholders.


A MIC is qualified to hold all forms of registered (RRSPs, RRIFs, TFSAs, RESPs and RDSPs) and non-registered investments.


Relatively stable high-yield return.

Diversification in mortgage pool.

Secured by tangible assets and managed by experienced manager with a solid track record.

Typical Mortgage Investments

Mortgage investments will be based on real estate equity where large financial institutions are not able to lend

Equity Loans are based on carefully assessed values obtained through a network of trusted appraisers and valuation experts

Investors get access to geographic & deal diversification by being in a pooled investment

Average portfolio Loan to Value will be around 75% providing a sufficient equity buffer for the portfolio



We have an extensive network of mortgage brokers, appraisers, lawyers and other professional service providers.


Our principals and managers have comprehensive experience in the origination, placement and administration of residential and commercial mortgages.

Assets Under Management


Mercury Mortgages has a registered Mortgage Brokerage License and a Mortgage Administrator's License. It is registered with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO)

Track Record

Mercury Mortgages has funded over 2000 loans amounting to over $350M in mortgage loans across Canada and has experience lending through the economic cycles since 2002.

Mercury Mortgages manages a total mortgage asset base of approximately $80-85 million.

Typically, loans will have a term of 12 months which helps manage credit risk and interest rate risk

For further information please email

Mercury Mortgages FSRA Lic No: 10667

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